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100 years of watchmaking history meets innovation. Co-founder, Boman Farrer, comes from a long legacy of watchmakers. Nearly a century ago, Farrer's great grandfather began his career and passion as a watchmaker after losing his leg in an industrial accident. His son, Calvin followed in his footsteps and managed to have a successful career as a watchmaker for nearly 50 years. Fast forward four generations and LunoWear is born. With Boman's family history in watchmaking and Co-founder Ryan Krantz's experience with manufacturing, LunoWear is the perfect combination of experience and innovation. 

With the help from a skilled watchmaker, LunoWear watches were designed to be affordable and reliable.  We set out to create a light weight, comfortable, and stylish wood watch. We succeeded. It was a long process of designing, creating, and testing prototypes but we couldn't be happier with the outcome. Our watches are made from all natural bamboo and ebony wood. That, plus a genuine leather band and you've got the most unique, stylish, and comfortable watch around. 

LunoWear Is based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, where a good adventure can be found anywhere you look. We set out to create a timepiece that would look good and not hold us back. The combination of wood and leather makes that happen. 

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